I was the first technical hire in a startup (Ridango) that launched an electronic ticketing system in Estonia.

My role

I was deeply involved in almost every aspect of the startup. I met with government officials to discuss future development plans, but I was also the one who went back to the office and actually wrote the code to complete the development.

I wrote a lot of code (I was number 1 code contributor based on our Git stats) in many different languages depending on the need. Mostly:

What I've been working on?

Syncing tickets with hardware in buses

We built our real-time synchronization server in Java + PostgreSQL that communicated with different hardware in buses (notification screens, speakers, ticket validation machines).


Real-time passenger information system

Real-time interactive map with buses and their journeys + predicted arrival times based on changes in traffic.


I created and worked on several back office tools, for example: